attraverso i nostri occhi

in queste pagine scoprirete da vicino il nostro lavoro: fotografare il vostro giorno più importante,

trasformando con le nostre immagini, le vostre emozioni in meravigliosi e indelebili ricordi.

Scorrete i reportage e lasciatevi ispirare dalle storie di chi, prima di voi, ci ha scelti come fotografi del cuore!

March 1, 2023
destination wedding photographer abruzzo weddings italy la chiave bianca elegant venue pescara francavilla
Today I want to show you a wedding with attention to every detail, where all the love of a couple shines through. Close-knit and determined, they returned to Abruzzo from Milan to celebrate their union with beloved ones, in the name of elegance, fun and with an eye for the Earth. The sun's rays filter through the green of the woods, a few more hairpin bends and, hidden among the trees, in its whiteness, the abbey of San Liberatore a Maiella appears. It's a rustle of clothes in the meadow. The cool calls the guests inside! Candles are lit, even flowers adorn the entrance! The sound of the harp and the violins announce the arrival of the bride, so with the groom they can say “Yes, I do!” Eye in eye under the arches of the cloister, in the cool of the walls of the Church, lost in a long embrace: bride and groom, two who become one! We have the most romantic images of this happy couple! It's time to reach the location. Through the hills of the Chieti area, we find La Chiave Bianca, the perfect venue for dream events. Wherever we take photographs, we see refined beauty: the room, as well as the external settings, thanks to the attention to every detail. Everything flows with good vibes, as it does every time on such an important day! The cake with its geometric lines fills the scene. Finally toast to this wonderful couple! Joy illuminates this summer evening. Everything is perfect! Scroll through the photos of this wedding day and it will be a bit like reliving that whirlwind of emotions!
March 1, 2023
apulia wedding photographer wedding al fresco in masseria don nunzio e cavallo Italy puglia
Puglia... one of the places of my heart! I love shooting in the always soft light of its sun! I love the liveliness of its inhabitants, the smiles, the warm welcome they can give you! Yes, we feel at home, this is a family wedding! In the farmhouse we chat in the meadow, even a fox peeps out! Good food and conviviality! The linen tablecloths move in the October breeze, on the wooden tables, but here it is still summer and the white lights come on at sunset! The laughter of the newlyweds dancing in front of the small church, they look at each other as they walk among the olive trees! Another wonderful day to tell and we are so satisfied!
February 27, 2023
wedding photographer tuscany ceremony al fresco destination weddings italy
"Quand il me prend dans see bras Qu'il me parle tout bas Je vois la vie en rose!...C'est lui por moi, moi pour lui dans la vie!" Their first dance, the voice of Edith Piaf. Yes, life is really pink when you love, when you are loved. The sunset on those golden hills almost seems to want to kiss them! How much love we tell with our images! They told us that this is the place of their heart, we are here with them and I like to think that they will watch this sunset every day together with the same love in their eyes as they do today!
February 27, 2023
wedding photographer abruzzo villa san marco bride groom sunset light airy reportage
Beatrice talks about Horace and her eyes shine! She smiles those disarming smiles, almost like a child! She is like the water of a stream, fresh and clear! She asks me to see him before the preparations, because she calms her heart! Orazio talks about Beatrice and his eyes light up! He's reserved with us, almost serious. But you know men like him have a big heart: they hide it under the collar of their jacket, arranging it well, so that no one can notice it! But when he sees her coming so beautiful and bright, he brings his hand to his chest, caresses his heart and we hear it beat and there is no more beautiful music to start a love story!
August 2, 2022
destination wedding photographer abruzzo weddings italy bride and groom ceremony couple shooting
From the rooms of the Villa, we can hear the girls laughter. In their gorgeous dresses, like butterflies, can't wait anymore! In the garden, everything is quiet and the air smells of pastel-colored flowers. At the ceremony, Stefano waits with a shy smile. And here she is, in all her diaphanous beauty...Valentina, the bride. It seems to be in another time, in a suspended place where love marks the hours. And I remember being excited, as always happens in your most romantic stories, to see you like this, beautifully in love... finally you!
February 10, 2022
wedding photographer destination wedding engagement couple session mountain snow teramo abruzzo
WINTER, time for cuddles and kisses, cold noses, soft blankets and sweaters on the fingers. A song, two voices...unexpected and so sweet, in the silence of the snowy forest! Snow has never been so welcoming, with its white and shiny coat under the not so shy sun, in the month of love!
January 14, 2022
wedding photographer chieti destination wedding marche abruzzo pescara teramo
Love knows how to wait. And in the meantime rejoicin' in everyday life, yes, in those little things that make love great. "Promise me we'll stay like this, dancing by our vinyls, eating chocolate cakes, planning trips we won't do..." Those vows, finally shared with those you love and that you, Simona, say you wrote with irony, but so true that they tore irrepressible tears of happiness for you both, finally husband and wife! "My wealth is in your love!"
January 14, 2022
wedding photographer teramo destination wedding abruzzo marche pescara chieti
Every detail talk about you. I love the dressing time, the slowness and grace with it sometimes happens, despite the tension of waiting. And so I love to talk about you, through the carefully chosen cufflinks, a meticulously arranged bow tie, the delicate boutonniere. Francesca, I see you when your dear brother closes those precious little buttons one by one. I can see you sew them one by one at night and imagine yourself as a bride, after having dressed so many! The rings you exchange by kissing them first, enclosing all the love in them! Details tell your story! You're made of these details.